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It’s becoming more apparent each and every day that the annual influx of tourism to the Sheridan area is well under way.

Each morning, those of us at the Visitor’s Center are witnessing more and more domestic and international group tours that are visiting the facility, and it’s been enlightening to hear their comments about the community as they’re coming through.

The general consensus is always the same, with overwhelmingly positive comments pouring in about the hospitality of our residents and the beauty of our location. Those of us that do live in Sheridan are proud of the wonders of our community and sharing that enthusiasm with a worldwide audience is only going to become more pronounced as we continue through the summer season.

As you may already be aware, Sheridan Travel and Tourism hosted a celebration in conjunction with the Wyoming Office of Tourism earlier this month to recognize Sheridan as one of Wyoming’s “Signature Destinations” for National Travel & Tourism Week.

For those who were present at this event, myself and the STT staff would like to extend our sincerest thanks for attending and for all your continued support. The turnout for the event was incredible and it provided an exciting platform to share with the community some of the exciting new projects that Sheridan Travel and Tourism has been working on over the course of the year.

This event also provided an exceptional opportunity to share some vital economic impact statistics with members of the community, as well as the debut of Sheridan Travel and Tourism’s new marketing campaign. We shared figures that detailed how over $92 million worth of revenue in Sheridan County can be directly attributed to tourism, as well as the $4.3 million in county taxes collected from this revenue.

We also shared how 950 jobs were supported by tourism-related spending over the course of 2012. These are incredible statistics and will serve as a benchmark for growth as we progress with our new campaign.

We also shared how visitors are discovering Sheridan and what mediums they are using to learn more — with over 88 percent being directly attributed to the internet. This is an exciting figure as well considering how this particular statistic correlates with our new marketing plan and campaign. We shared the thought process behind our new logo and tagline; a graphic depiction of the Bighorn range looking south from Sheridan and how this image encompasses all of the incredible sites and attractions in the area.

This icon is supported by our new tagline as well, which was selected based on the concept that we don’t want our audience to stop at just being introduced to Sheridan…we want them to engage with us! We want them to become as emotional about our community as we are, to become their own tour guide and feel free and safe to explore our community and the surrounding area, to become enlightened by our historical prominence and to become enamored with the hospitality of our residents and the beauty of our landscape…we want them to “Become Bighorn’d!”

This is where it all begins; with a new branding effort and an objective to capitalize on the electronic mediums and resources that we know our audience is using to structure their itineraries.

The new will be live within the next couple weeks, followed shortly by the new “Bighorn Mountain Country” mobile app that we have been developing in conjuncture with Johnson County. These of you that follow “Visit Sheridan, Wyoming” on Facebook have already seen the new campaign theme and the enthusiastic support of our followers, and we will be integrating this into all of our select print and electronic mediums over the coming months.

This will be an exciting campaign, and we’re looking forward to becoming a more prominent destination for tourism as we continue to encourage our audience to spend some time in Sheridan, enjoy all of the incredible amenities we have to offer and become a part of our adventure.

Shawn Buckley is the executive director of Sheridan Travel and Tourism

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