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Let no sound byte go unheard — this country is deep into the 2016 presidential election season. Cable news networks report every hiccup the candidates make, every slur, every unrealistic promise throughout the day. National newspapers are filled with the moves and comments of those vying for our country’s highest office.

That is not the style of reporting The Press will engage in over the next nine months as statewide and local candidates campaign.

We don’t want to bore you and we don’t want to report dramatic rumors.

Just because a candidate — for any office — comes to Sheridan, this does not mean that The Press will report the rehearsed stump speech they perform in each community. We will write about issues — the economy, energy production, education, public lands, budgets and more.

We’ll talk to candidates about issues.

We’ll talk to voters about issues.

We’ll report on who is contributing to whom and how much each candidate is spending on his or her campaign.

In August, we’ll publish a special section that outlines the brief biographies of each candidate and cover the issues pertinent in each race.

We’ll do the same thing before the general election, taking a deeper dive into the candidates’ platforms and policies.

We will do our best to enlighten voters so that they may make the best-informed decision come November.

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