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Seems like there’s always something happening hereabouts when the weather warms. Last weekend, Sheridan College graduated 310.

There were 1,950-plus soccer kids and their families in town, competing in the Snickers Cup at the Big Horn Equestrian Center.
This weekend, it’s the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show, three days of leather artisans from all over the U.S. and Canada involved in demonstrations, workshops and other events. It’s hosted by The Leather Crafter’s & Saddler’s Journal. It’s at the Sheridan Holiday Inn and has free admission.


Quite possibly, some argue, it’s the most anticipated opening since rolling back the rock 2,000-plus years ago — Warehouse 201 in Sheridan.

The upscale martini bar and fine dining restaurant opens Friday at 201 Broadway, catty-corner from The Sheridan Press building. The opening has been pushed back a few times for construction and licensing issues, but come Friday, expect a crowd. It did host the Downtown Sheridan Association’s wine festival in March.

Since the closure last year of Oliver’s and 1893 Grille/Sheridan Inn, there’s been a vacuum in the historic downtown dining and imbibing options. Building owner Steve Kuzara of Sheridan Historic Properties, LLC, has been restoring the property using bricks and wood from when he purchased the building four years ago. It’s nice inside — hardwood floors, attractive furnishings, trim and two bars. The Notebook enjoyed a second walk-through Wednesday morning. It’s a sleek and warm place that will likely attract both “regulars” and those folks intending a special night out.

Future plans include a patio, a functioning winery, a private space for meetings and live music.


O.J. Simpson, locked up for kidnapping and robbery in Nevada after he skated on a double-homicide charge during the “crime of the (last) century,” is seeking a new trial. (Simpson was convicted in a civil suit for the same two wrongful deaths.)

He testified on the stand Wednesday and television was there to make sure we had more O.J. Out of the public eye for several years, he’s changed and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“The only knife he’s been using lately,” latenight funnyman David Letterman said Tuesday, “is the butter knife.” Adding, “if the pants don’t fit, you must acquit.”

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