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It’s summertime.
Well, almost.
But it is warm and sunny — The days are getting longer and the opportunities for recreation are expanding.
So, turn off that television, radio, computer, iPad or whatever other screen-based technology you’re glued to and get outside. Go tech-free for awhile.

Take some time to unplug.

According to a study done in 2011 by Common Sense Media, 75 percent of children ages 0-8 used a “screen media” device like a TV, DVD player, computer or video games, etc. Of those who used the technology, the average time spent in front of those screens on a typical day was 2 hours, 58 minutes.

That is a lot of time sitting and staring at a glowing screen.
Let’s turn those devices off a little more and take advantage of all the activities in Sheridan this summer.

To help kick off the idea, the Sheridan Community Land Trust is hosting an “Unplug” week May 20-26. Each day will feature a different activity — everything from Art’s Outside to scavenger hunts, s’mores and hands-on history.

It is easy to get captivated by a screen, but learning to unplug is important for children and adults alike.

Here’s why.

• It allows for some stress recovery and a little R&R never hurt anybody.

• It will force you to reconnect — If you’re used to texting or emailing everyone you talk to on a daily basis, unplugging some of those tech devices may provide the opportunity to reconnect face-to-face.

• Focus — multi-tasking like many of us do through technology distracts from the task at hand. By powering down, you’ll be able to give all of your attention to one thing at a time.
• Finally, you’ll sleep better.

People who use technology heavily are more prone to sleep disorders, depression and stress. Less technology and more sleep could mean fewer grumpy individuals.

So get outside, enjoy our beautiful surroundings and leave the screens behind.

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