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I heard a cute story recently that I would like to share with you. It tells of a mother and son who lived in a forest. One day when they were out a tornado surprised them.

The mother clung to a tree and tried to hold her son. But the swirling winds carried him into the sky. He was gone.

The woman began to weep and pray: “Please, O Lord, bring back my boy! He’s all I have. I’d do anything not to lose him. If you’ll bring him back, I’ll serve you all my days.”

Suddenly the boy toppled from the sky, right at her feet-a bit mussed up, but safe and sound.

His mother joyfully brushed him off. Then she stopped for a moment, looked to the sky, and said, “He had a hat, Lord.”

I know that many applications could be made with this story, but I just simply enjoyed it! I thought to myself “yep, that’s a mom!” She is grateful to have her son, but careful to make sure the little one has all of his belongings. What a gift that mothers are to our society!

I have seen moms tear houses apart looking for that special something for their child. I have met them out late at night picking up an item from a store that their child needs that night or the next day. (In fact I probably met these ladies while shopping because I was sent there on a mission by my boys’ mother.) I know of moms that have turned cars around several miles out of town so that they may return to the house and get that special something their child forgot.

Most dads would say that the child will be alright without it, but moms pay attention to those things and want to make sure that their child has everything they need.

As I considered these things in the office today, I thought of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

She, too, looked after her son Jesus with tremendous care. From the time that she wrapped him in the “swaddling clothes” and laid him in a manger, to the time she wept for him at His cross, she was caring for him as any good mother would. I am sure it wasn’t easy, it never is. There were many tears cried over her son and many prayers prayed for him.

He brought her much joy, as any child does. I am sure that they had many memories together.

And yet, if anyone knew that Jesus was God’s son, Mary knew! (Luke 1:35) If anyone knew that he was born of a virgin, Mary knew! (Luke 1:26-27; 34)

If anyone knew there was a great purpose for Jesus’ life, Mary knew. (Luke 1:32-33) Mary may not have understood it all, but she knew that He was part of a bigger plan than any dream that she could’ve had for him.

And she stayed with it!

She stayed with him through the good and the bad and she honored God in her decisions and by taking care of Jesus throughout his life.

Through the criticism of friends and family when they found out she was pregnant, she endured! Through the doubts of her finance’ Joseph, she loved!

Through the stresses of traveling in the last term of her pregnancy, she pressed on!

Through a less than ideal delivery room made do! Through the loss of her husband and becoming a single mom, she continued! Through hearing false accusations against her son, she held to truth.

Through watching her son be beaten and abused, she prayed! Through overwhelming grief at her son’s cross, she endured! And she stayed with him, and believed in him. She made sure that He had all that He needed, like any good mom does.

And yet the reality is that through it all, it was her son Jesus that was making sure that he was giving his mom all that she needed!! See, Jesus didn’t just come to suffer and bleed and die on a cross so that people throughout the world could be forgiven and free. He suffered and bled and died for his own mom to be forgiven and free, for she too needed saving!

In Luke 1:46-47 Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.”

And as she watched him suffer and die, as difficult as it must have been for her to endure, she know in her heart that there was a plan being carried out that was bigger than her, and her little family!

She knew that there was and is only one Savior and Lord and that is Jesus Christ!

And when Jesus proved he was divine by rising again on the third day, and the news reached his mother Mary, I believe she smiled, and wept, and laughed and danced! (Just like I do about my Savior still today!)

So on this Mother’s Day weekend, I want to thank the Mom’s that stay, endure, pray, believe and love!!

Only God knows what you go through and all that you endure, but I would like to speak for our community when I say…Thank You!

I can’t imagine a society without the love and care of Moms.

God bless you all.

Scott Lee is pastor at Bethesda Worship Center.


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