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Today, area residents will participate in the Out of the Darkness community walk to help raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Survivors and their friends will share stories and support each other. Information will be shared about where community members can seek help when and if it is needed.

The group has also started emphasizing the slogan “Nobody rides alone.” It is the counterpart to “Cowboy up,” which emphasizes independence and strength.

“Nobody rides alone,” though, stresses that we’re all in this together. Nobody has to suffer through any sort of mental illness alone.

Similar to physical illnesses, mental illness is most effectively treated when detected early.

As others have said, you wouldn’t let an open wound fester, so why let a mental illness worsen with time and by ignoring it.

It takes courage to admit that a mental illness exists. But, we need to start talking about mental illness more often. We need to work to eliminate the stigmas that surround mental illness. We need to support those around us more consistently so that a crisis does not mean the end of a life.

Join the effort to reduce stigmas and save lives by supporting the Out of the Darkness community walk today. If you can’t make it there, join the effort by encouraging others to speak out, to seek help and to ensure that nobody rides alone.

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