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Tomorrow, Ryan Mulholland will be honored at a reception, celebrating his award of the 2012-2013 Sheridan College Distinguished Alumni honor. The reception, sponsored by the Sheridan College Foundation, will be at the college’s Main Street campus, 171 N. Main St. starting at 5:30 p.m.

He is a graduate of SC and founded Ptolemy Data Systems in 2010. Ptolemy moved into a new data center this year in the Wrench Ranch industrial park and maintains an office downtown as well. He’s been commended for his years in local law enforcement as well.
He speaks warmly of growing up in Wichita Falls, Texas, and is a graduate of Shoshone High School in Fremont County. (Shoshone Drug, incidentally, was the longtime home of the Best Milk Shake/Malt in Wyoming, until it closed.)

He’s been active in local economic development efforts and served two terms on the Sheridan City Council.

One obvious question: Why the name Ptolemy?
Ptolemy was a famous Egyptian mathematician whose computations are used even today.

“It’s a geek thing,” he laughs.


How did we (my generation and the next older one) get along with the Hollywood movies without all of the Computer Generated Imaging?
Maybe the most perplexing issue was watching Roy Rogers chase the bad guys on horseback, then have NellieBelle, the Jeep, suddenly appear, also in pursuit. (Wasn’t this the “old” West?) Digressing, alas.

The latest incarnation of Marvel Comics’ Iron Man is worth a look.
There’s explosions aplenty, lots of whiz-bang CGI special effects and a menacing bad guy, maybe Guy Pearce’s best movie since he was the eventually-compromised straight-arrow detective in “L.A. Confidential.” Robert Downey, Jr. just owns the title role, with just the right dose of humor amidst the chaos.

It’s showing these days — in both D’s, 2-D and 3-D — inside the comfy confines of The Centennial Theatre.


A tip of The Fancy Kentucky Derby Hat……….
CHAPS Equine Assisted Therapy Center had its big annual fundraiser Saturday, this time coinciding it with the Kentucky Derby at the Black Tooth Brewing Company. It was a packed house and some $15,000 was raised.

Executive director Sue Suddith says the monies will go mostly towards scholarships for students, adults and veterans who can benefit from the therapy. The attractive facility is located east on U.S. Highway 14.

“Our volunteers and our board of directors were just superstars in this event’s success,” Sue told the Notebook Monday afternoon.
Incidentally, the Best Hat Award, Sue says, and there was much competition, went to Judy Fuller.

Kudos, too, for Big Horn Catering through Sheridan Memorial Hospital. The eats were “spot on,” appealing to all sorts of southern tastes: biscuits, ham and other goodies, like pecan pie.

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