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How do you choose the appropriate wall for mirror use in a variety of rooms in your home? Here are some pointers.

• In the dining room, make sure mirrors are hung high enough so people don’t see themselves eating.

• In a small room, a mirror placed high on a wall may reflect a lot of the ceiling, making the room look bigger.

• A baroque-framed mirror can be a counterpoint to a sleek, contemporary room, the reverse is also true.

• In a high-ceilinged room, tilt the mirror slightly downward to improve the mirror’s view.

• Like your window view? Place a mirror to reflect a window view or another larger room for greater effect. The window reflection doubles the light in the room too.

• To broaden a narrow room, place an exciting print on the wall and a framed mirror opposite. The reflected art makes the room appear wider.

• Look at what the mirror reflects before positioning it. Be sure it reflects an attractive part of the room.

• Try to keep the center of the mirror at about 5-feet-6 inches to avoid visual decapitation.

• In a loft, covering support beams with mirrors will make them disappear.

• To make a hall appear wider, stagger mirrors on either side.

• A mirror at the end of a hall or staircase will double its perceived length.

Fire Pits

A fire pit is much like an elaborate version of the rock ring you made for a campfire as a kid. They can be permanent or portable.

If you opt for a permanent pit, consider makeing it at least 24 inches in diameter, but 36 inches is better, giving you more room to build a good fire.

Susan Woody has been a home and garden writer for more than 20 years and is an advanced Master Gardener.

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