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Making mistakes is forgivable. Hopefully we have all made enough of them to learn valuable lessons. Being accountable for our mistakes is the difficult part for any of us.

As a person who voted to elect into the office of city council for Sheridan, I have been hurt by the behavior of councilwoman, Shelleen Smith. My vote was based on her representing me in my best interest while in the position of a City Council member.

My trust at the time was based on my decision that she was the best-qualified person to make decisions that represent me.

I hoped that these decisions would be based on making the right choices that would better the city of Sheridan, the state of Wyoming and the U.S.

When a person elected to the position of authority focuses on their own personal ambitions and agendas at the exclusion of all others, it is time they step down.

Legally accepting responsibility for our behavior is how we stay a civilized society.

It is why we vote for leadership, pay taxes and make charitable contributions. Making amends is how we grade our behavior. Ms. Smith, do what is best for those that voted for you.


Joseph Barani


By |May 3rd, 2013|

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