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Let’s make this quick because Tim Tebow hasn’t been news for about a year now.

Since he was cut by the Jets Monday, I’m sure you’ve all read the story about the Omaha Beef offering him a $75 per game contract to play on their indoor league team in Nebraska.

Really, the Beef? I know there’s not a lot going on in Nebraska but why not just call them the Omaha Corn or the Maize, at least then it sounds like you’re trying.

Warren Moon says that he can’t hang in the CFL, and he may be right. That’s high scoring, aerial attack football, things Tebow has proven aren’t his strong suit.

All of this information is trivial. No one reports on whether or not a guy can make it in the CFL and they report even less on $75 per game level contracts. You make more than that umping summer little league baseball games.

There should not be a “Tebow Tracker” on NFL.com, there should not have been an entire mornings-worth of coverage devoted to his release from the New York Jets on ESPN Monday morning.

Nobody cares how Tim Tebow feels about being released because everyone has already had way too many of Tim Tebow’s feelings forced on them since he came on to the national scene at Florida. People watch football after they get home from church, and most keep the two Sunday activities separate.

Tim Tebow at Florida was good football. He was surrounded by speed and that offense was appealing to watch. He’s a great role model, and if he was a great quarterback that might be easier to explain to a kid who you’re trying to find a role model for.

“Yeah, that guy is nice, be sure to read his book, but never, and I mean never, throw like him.”

Sarcasm aside, even if the end result not in the sports news, Tebow is a good guy and he won’t have a hard time making it in life, so lets stop acting like this week is some interesting tragedy.

I like Tim Tebow the person, but I dislike what I have to go through to know him. I respect his resolve in sharing his beliefs with the world, but after a while, it’s not football news.

That is ESPN’s fault. That is male make-up model, TMZ correspondent Skip Bayless’ fault. Let’s argue about this guys’ capacity to play NFL-caliber football when he finished last season with 39 passing yards. Wait let’s just argue. Hang on, forget that, let’s just yell noises at each other that aren’t even words.

Sure, there was that Denver thing when he scampered all over the field and beat the Steelers in the playoffs. I still believe God had something to do with that. Look at how he throws, there’s not a duck hunter in the world who doesn’t salivate when he sees a Tebow pass stumble through the air. Sometimes I thought I might get a seizure when I played that first-person shooter Duck Hunter game for Nintendo when I was a kid, and I get Duck Hunter PTSD when I watch Tim Tebow throw footballs.

In the end, the guy doesn’t deserve this harsh criticism any more than he deserves the football analysis about where he might play next.

It’s harsh, but there are plenty of other really nice people out there who get cut from teams every day, and no one throws their name in a headline just to catch someone’s attention.

He’s a polarizing figure, look, I just threw his name into a headline on accident.

Look on the bright side Tim Tebow, I’d be relieved to be out of New York, where headline writing is something that’s used to make Mark Sanchez cry.

Who knows, maybe some team that really likes talking to reporters who ask really stupid questions will pick him up.

That’s your cue, Jerry Jones.

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