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“Wyoming is what America used to be” is a phrase I used in reference to the Cowboy Code. I was immediately taken to task by a younger person who read way too much into that line. I wish I had kept his missile message he nuked me with, but as near as I remember, it went like this: “You mean to tell me you want to go to the days when the Indians were mistreated, Blacks were down trodden, women were chattel, and robber barons kept workers in virtual slavery, etc.?”

The pedantic distortion of what I tried to project left me flabbergasted.

How could this be? He went to the same schools as I, but only twelve years later. Had I learned the wrong history?

Like it or not, American history is littered with some shameful episodes from which we should learn, but not repeat. Nor should they be forgotten or sanitized to fit one agenda or another.

More often than not, many atrocious acts and practices are committed by individuals or groups that do not reflect the composite term, “average American.”

The inventions, interventions, scientific and agricultural advances attributed to the American “can do” attitude and entrepreneurial spirit have enriched peoples’ lives all over the globe more than any other nation in history.

Why, then, does academia continue to stress the negative aspects of Americanism? This trashing of all things American began in earnest in the early 1960s, but it evolved from mom and pop start ups in the 1930’s to full blown, left wing industry which allows radical America haters like Bill Ayers to achieve professorship in a prestigious institution of higher learning. It’s called Progressivism, but I call it treason.

Listening to the chatter from the talking heads about the Boston Marathon bombers, one hears over and over the puzzled lament, “But they went to our schools. They were so American.” And I have to ask, so what were these two bombers bombarded with in those schools?

The people who run the indoctrination camps of radical Islam are fully aware of the “America bad” mantra preached by the Progressive left in our schools, so their converts to radicalism like Tamerlan Tsarnaev are easily convinced to return to America filled with contempt and hatred for this country and its people.

Tamerlan’s father expressed outrage for the way his angelic sons were treated here. Spare me the crocodile tears. Tsarnaev named his older son after Tamerlane, just about the bloodiest butcher in history, who killed the inhabitants of entire cities, then had pyramids and towers constructed from their skulls.

It was heartening to hear crowds of people singing “God Bless America,” “The Star Spangled Banner,” and “Sweet Caroline,” in addition to cheering the law officers after the capture of the second bomber.

Such outpouring of support nearly drowned out the sputtering from the Left that they had hopes that the bombers would turn out to white Americans as voiced by an idiot female reporter on National Public Radio and David Sirota, writing for Salon, a far left outfit based in San Francisco.

It amazes me why these ungrateful curs continue to bite the hand that feeds them. But it’s not amazing to me why people in other countries feel Americans deserve to be dealt some misery when our own president appears on their doorstep, hat in hand, apologizing for our “arrogance.”

Sometimes America is like a big friendly dog in a small room full of delicate furniture, but sure nice to have around when the wolves show up.

It is the average American the world looks to for help and inspiration, not the ugly American.

Mike Kuzara

Editor’s note: The Press’ word limit on letters was waived for this submission.

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