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SHERIDAN — Sheridan Planning Commission approved a request to rezone approximately 14 acres of land in the WESCO Commercial Park southwest of Heartland Drive and Dry Ranch Road at its regular meeting Monday. The land is part of a 37.33 acre parcel that currently has split zoning of B-1 and B-2 Business District. The request to rezone the B-1 portion to B-2 will give the property owner options for expansion.

The land is proposed to be transfered to EMIT Technologies, an emissions solutions provider for natural gas engine applications. EMIT currently operates on 3.67 acres at the intersection of Heartland Drive and Dry Ranch Road. Acquiring the 37.33 acres of property south of Dalton’s RV will provide options for the future of EMIT.

“It’s a very positive thing,” EMIT Vice President Sue Osborn said. “We believe in Sheridan and we made a major investment based on our belief in wanting to be in Sheridan.”

Commissioner Monty Webb said he feels the rezone and potential expansion by EMIT supports the City’s plan for economic development.

“I’m really excited about the fact that as they expand, so will our job market,” Webb said. “Obviously if they’re building and expanding into more areas, they’re going to employ more people. It’s positive to have that kind of good, strong business in Sheridan. I really believe that’s the kind of things we’re looking for, to get a very strong business that can just grow with Sheridan.”

According to City Planning Director Robert Briggs, when the land was annexed into Sheridan, it was thought the area would be developed for retail commercial uses such as banks, shops and restaurants, similar to what is found on Main Street. That is why part of it was zoned B-1.

Such development never occurred, however, and city staff believe zoning the land B-2 will better fit the area’s current uses of auto sales, fabrication and office space for natural resource companies, Briggs said. Staff have received no comments, positive or negative, from area residents regarding the rezone.

With approval from the Planning Commission, the rezone request will be considered by City Council at its May 6 meeting. As an ordinance, it will require three readings to pass.

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