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SHERIDAN — Approximately 14 city blocks along Wyoming Avenue and Park and Lowell Streets near the intersection of Coffeen and South Sheridan Avenues are set to undergo reconstruction this summer. Crews will install new water and sewer mains, widen streets, and add sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

Construction will begin May 6 and is scheduled to be completed by mid-September, weather permitting.

City staff, council members and contractors held an open house Monday at Holy Name Parish Hall to discuss the project with area residents and address concerns. Nearly 20 people attended and comments were generally positive.

“This whole area has a really dilapidated infrastructure,” Chad Reed, project manager with WWC Engineering, said. “The water and sewer is very old, and people have been having a lot of problems with it. The streets are in very rough shape and in bad repair. Trees have caused a lot of surface damage to the streets and sidewalks. It’s really something that’s been needing to get done for a long time.”

The reconstruction is phase 2 of a three-part project. Phase 1, located behind Safeway near the fire station, was completed spring 2012. The area was last updated in the late 1950s, according to Reed.

Total project cost for phase 2 is approximately $4.2 million. Estimated cost for all three phases is $9 million. Funding will come from the capital facilities tax, state revolving fund, water and sewer fees, one-cent optional sales tax, concensus funding and drinking water state revolving funds. Joe Schoen, project manager for the city, addressed common concerns at the open house:
• Water: Water will be shut off at least twice during the project for a maximum of four hours during the middle of the day. If the water needs to be shut off for longer than four hours, temporary water sources will be used to provide water to area residents.
• Access: “Access is always a problem,” Schoen said. “It’s just something we have to work with. We will get you back in as quick as we can.”

Schoen encouraged residents to use alley access for parking and entry when possible. Otherwise, parking locations will be identified with a block of the construction area. Neighbors will be asked to help each other out with parking and access as the project progresses.

Anyone needing handicap access is encouraged to call the city or WWC Engineering to discuss options.

• Garbage and mail service: Residents will receive mail service as usual. Garbage bins may be placed streetside as normal.

Construction crews will gather garbage bins and place them in a designated collection area as arranged with city garbage crews.
• Water and sewer line replacement: The new water and sewer lines will go to property lines. Homeowners can arrange to replace personal water and sewer lines with a contractor of their choice during the construction if they desire.

• Safety: Crews will place fencing around all trenches and will make the site as safe as possible. Area residents are encouraged to alert city staff if they see any safety issues (such as children playing near the site) arise.

• Anticipated schedule: Park Street will be under construction May 6-July 10; Wyoming Avenue and Lowell Street will be under construction July 10-September 20.

“I’m looking forward to getting done and getting out of your hair, but I thank you for your cooperation throughout this project,” City Engineer Lane Thompson said.

For more information about the project, contact Reed at 672-0761, ext. 127 or Schoen at 675-4237.

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