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The immediate reply on the Opinion page by The Press was stunning to me. While my “opinion article” was critical of some events at the Sheridan Junior College, the thrust was that we need information on a proposed bond issue before we can be asked to be in favor of it and that to date no information has been given. How can a newspaper that has stood for open meeting information criticize a request for information on a bond proposal? I guess open information is only important when the editor deems it important. In my opinion, the editorial was little more than a propaganda piece: no facts, no cost numbers, it is good for you, stand behind it, and do not ask questions.

The Press argued, “local companies say they could hire every graduate of those programs.” (“Those” being machine tool technology, diesel and welding mechanics). Not only is this a complete exaggeration, I have not found anyone at Sheridan College to back it up. How many ads for employment have been run in The Sheridan Press in the past year for a machinist?

The Sheridan College Board of Trustees are elected representatives. They need to step-up and inform their constituents about the proposed bond election. I believe they should be providing us with information about cost, need and building size. Before the election, the Board should hold a public forum at the college to field additional questions from the public. Rather than The Sheridan Press telling us what to support, I believe our elected Trustees should be providing us with information so we can make an informed decision.

Dick Shackelford

By |April 19th, 2013|

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