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The Notebook’s in receipt of a good letter from Jay McGinnis, executive director of our YMCA, aka The Y. The Y is good about keeping its members informed and sending the little “thank you” notes which supporters appreciate.

Membership is up three percent this year — almost 5,900 people are involved. That’s about one in four in Sheridan County. That’s a healthy statistic.

The annual YMCA “Give Your Heart to a Child” campaign reached its goal of $150,000. In a nutshell, the campaign creates scholarships so not to deny access to the Y for those who cannot afford it. In all, some 125 volunteers made the campaign happen; some 618 donors wrote checks. It’s a giving community, Sheridan.
There’s all kinds of activities in April at the YMCA. Soccer leagues are firing up, summer camp, too. Come April 27, it’s YMCA Healthy Kids Day.

It’s a “happening place,” so the cliché goes. Info: 307-674-7488; or www.sheridanymca.org.


Recommended reading……..
Melanie Hoffert’s “Prairie Silence” is one of those affecting books that comes along now and then which compels the reader to reflect, re-read a page, or two, or many and then at conclusion, send on to friends, or recommend.

It is remarkable in that it is her first book, a memoir of growing up on a small farm near Wyndmere, N.D. She realizes at an early age she is different from others, moves away, but returns to appreciate her family’s farm during harvest, reconnecting with family, old friends, a former baby-sitter, the family’s aging barn and the memories therein. Gender sexuality matters, but not as much as friendship, family and a love for the family farm. The land they’ve farmed for generations is never far from the core of the story with a life all of its own. The book is candid, rich with humor and in the end, a wonderful read.
And it’s available these days at Sheridan Stationery Books and Gallery right in the heart of Historic Downtown Sheridan.


From the Bragging on the Staff, file…..
In recent weeks, some of our editions, mostly Saturday’s newspaper, have featured a “cover story,” instead of the daily publishing of news, features, meetings and other community whatnot. Typically, weekend editions of newspapers, whether be it a metro paper or a community newspaper like the Press, there is a different “voice,” with more offerings of community news, pre-printed inserts and such. Our Saturday cover stories includes attractive graphics presentation that compliments the feature story. Credit managing editor Kristen Czaban and graphic artist Nicole Scofield for their creativity and teamwork in presenting these stories to our readership.

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