Low voter turnout keeps Republic at risk

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Re: Apathy, Congress


No wonder Congress is so comfortable in Washington, just talking and blowing smoke while they do nothing but add to the cost of government. They vote themselves raises and increase the debt. I guess most of our registered voters feel comfortable with what is happening or just don’t care.

It is said that Benjamin Franklin commented after the Constitution was ratified: “You now have a Republic, if you can keep it.” It seems too many of our citizens enjoy having a huge government telling us how to live and learn. King George III wanted it that way, too, but some brave people risked being hanged, drawn and quartered to stop the tyrant. I suggest people ask themselves if they want to lose this Republic now. Maybe everyone should read the First, Second, Fourth and 10th Amendments again and look at what our elected officials in Washington are doing now.

Maybe we should be electing some new and younger ones who are not comfortable with the status quo. We can’t do that if you don’t vote.


Robert Blankenfeld


By |August 26th, 2014|

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