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SHERIDAN — Wyoming’s fiscal year ended last month with state economists releasing a report that shows Wyoming sales and use taxes were up 8.9 percent, or $62.2 million, over fiscal year 2013.

The figures reflect only the 4 percent statewide sales and use tax collections, not any optional one-cent sales taxes imposed on a county-by-county basis.

Sheridan County’s share of the $62.2 million total was 10.3 percent, or $6.4 million, and the county saw a 3 percent, or $2.1 million, increase in the tax revenues it collected in the 2014 fiscal year.

Of Wyoming’s 23 counties, only Sweetwater and Uinta counties lagged behind last year’s numbers.

Johnson County, too, saw an increase of 2 percent over last year. That county’s share of the statewide total collected, though, is 30.4 percent.

The state report released last month also showed that Wyoming added 1,300 more jobs compared to a year ago, while the private sector added 2,200 jobs. Retail trade led that charge, adding 1,900 jobs. On the downward trend, the leisure and hospitality industries lost 1,000 jobs in the same time period.

While the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for the state rose from 4.0 percent to 4.4 percent, it dropped slightly at the local level compared to last year. In Sheridan County, the unemployment rate for July 2014 was estimated at 4.5 percent compared to 4.6 percent in 2013. During the same time period, Sheridan County’s labor force grew, according to the state’s economists, from 16,525 individuals in July 2013 to 16,806 in July 2014.

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