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Re: Aug. 19 primary

Ryan Mulholland running for the Wyoming Legislature? I will not vote for him.  A few years back, he ran for the Sheridan City council and was elected.  However, within a short time, he resigned his seat on the council, effectively negating our votes in that general election.  Why would any of us give him a second chance, especially in the state Legislature?

Regarding his platform of wanting to create economic diversity across the state, and especially in Sheridan County, if you want to see Wyoming go the way of Colorado and more recently Montana, then by all means vote for Mulholland.

However, if you enjoy Wyoming’s western and rural culture, then be aware that increased diversity of businesses, such as Ptolemy Data Systems (Mulholland is CEO), will ultimately change voting demographics of the state, with an increase of liberals and Democrats moving into Wyoming and in our local and state offices.  I enjoy greeting people on my daily walks, stopping on a downtown corner to visit with friends and acquaintances, and I always wave to people I pass on our rural country roads.  I, however, don’t like transplanted Californians tailgating me in town just because they are in a hurry to get somewhere, even when I’m driving the speed limit.

I hope Wyoming voters will join me in wanting to maintain our western and rural culture, as well as our conservative values.


George Walker


Editor’s note: Mulholland served a full term on Sheridan City Council, from  2009-2012.

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