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Sheridan Farmers Market is in full swing, with registered vendors and attendees at an all time high. Our farmers market is a small but integral part of the larger local food and product picture.

We are here to create an affordable outlet to those smaller producers and artisans, that provide healthy food and unique items that not only sustain our bodies but our local economy.

Along with creating a fun event for the community, our job is to help educate, advocate and work toward better local food systems, economic development and the health of our community. It is really exciting when some of this investment comes to fruition by way of our schools and laws that govern small producers.

In the last few weeks, Sheridan County School District 1 has announced that is has secured contracts with local growers/ranchers and will be utilizing local produce and beef.

Hats off to Holliday Family Farms and The Masters Ranch! Also, Sheridan County Commissioners are working on an amendment that would allow small producers the ability to sell their fresh fruits and vegetables from their own farms.

Local, healthy food has always been my passion. I think that if families shopped, cooked and ate together, the world would be a much better place. I credit my mother for instilling this in me; she worked long hard hours but always made sure that we had a good wholesome, home- cooked meal at the end our day.

We joked that we were the only kids that had to eat bread with tree bark in it and when our friends came over and we feigned embarrassment because of the brown rice  and vegetables.

We tortured her (as kids only know best how to do to their mothers) by using our own money to sneak and buy refined, white bread and Captain Crunch. The reality is that my mother is a fantastic cook; our dinner table was always full of wayward kids (who didn’t mind the tree bark in the least), meat and greens from my family’s or neighbors’ gardens and plenty of love to go around.

We invite you to bring your family down to Sheridan Farmers Market and like Joe Salatin said, “Know your food, know your farmers and know your kitchen.”


Bonnie Gregory is the Sheridan Farmers Market manager for the Downtown Sheridan Association.

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