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SHERIDAN — County Commissioners have agreed the memorandum of understanding with the city regarding the annexation of county roads was not in the county’s best interests and have asked for continued discussion on the matter.

County Attorney Matt Redle presented the five-page resolution to the commissioners Tuesday. It summed up the history of the disagreement on road annexations and outlined areas in the city’s resolution, passed June 2, that were unacceptable to the county.

The city’s resolution said city officials wanted to open up and revise a 2007 memorandum of understanding between the city and county regarding the process and timing of road annexations when land adjacent to county roads is annexed by the city. That MOU deals primarily with roads in new development in the one-mile “doughnut” joint planning area around city limits.

Proposed revisions by the city included a requirement that the county share the cost of upgrading county roads to city standards in order to be annexed.

Redle said the county is not bound to share the cost of upgrades, but may choose to do so if it is in the interest of county residents.

The county’s resolution also said the county would prefer to create a new MOU to deal with annexation of roads that existed prior to a 2006 MOU and may fall under annexation with new developments rather than just trying to revise the current MOU, which works fine for new development.

At this point, the county is awaiting a response from the city.

Road annexations have become an issue that also affect maintenance and law enforcement.

Examples include portions of Skeels Street, West View Road, Absaraka Street, Loop Road, Dry Ranch Road, County Road 66 and Airport Road. One particular problem on Skeels Street is that the city has annexed only half of the road so patrol and enforcement is split between the police department and the sheriff’s office.

In other business, county commissioners:

• approved a Wyoming Office of Homeland Security award of a Emergency Management Performance Grant in the amount of $30,000 with a county match of $30,000. The grant is used to pay part of the salary of the county’s emergency management services coordinator and other emergency management services costs.

• approved the Arab Acres Three Minor Subdivision which divided 9 acres of land on U.S. Highway 87 into four lots.

• approved a conditional use permit for the Maestri Ranch private air strip on 26,000 acres of land 4 miles east of Passaic Road in eastern Sheridan County.

• approved a resolution to place the optional one-cent sales tax on the ballot to be voted on for renewal Nov. 4.

• approved a grant application to the Wyoming Department of Transportation for a grant for 2015 CMAQ funds, which are used to apply dust suppressant on county roads.

• approved a grant application to the WYDOT aeronautics division to purchase an airfield tractor and mower.

• approved a change to the resolution on fire restrictions to say that the use of tannerite and other exploding targets is prohibited.

• approved a vacation of right-of-way on a portion of Big Horn – Sheridan Upper Road that is within airport boundaries.

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