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Hizzoner the mayor (new) John Heath stopped in Tuesday morning to chat. He was making the rounds of downtown businesses to say hello and check the pulse. A good thing.


The big push for the Aug. 19 primary election begins today, Aug. 1. Some rhetorical questions about candidates and elections. To wit:

• Why do people running for public office send press releases to local newspapers?

• Why do candidates seek editorial endorsements from newspapers?

• Why do candidates run excerpts of these newspaper endorsements in their television and radio commercials, putting them also in direct mail flyers to homes? A few even include the endorsements in robocalls left on answering machines.

• Some candidates, their campaign managers and media advisors are eager to utilize 24-hour cable TV news channels and various radio talk shows, yet continue to seek out news coverage and endorsements from newspapers. Why?

• Some candidates, their campaign managers and their media experts are enthralled by the Internet. They rely on it for posting announcements, attacking opponents, posting rebuttals, blogging and fund-raising. But they continue to seek news coverage from newspapers and endorsements. Why?

Answers to rhetorical questions: newspapers have credibility, reliability, accountability.

What makes The Sheridan Press unique is that we have “both” kinds of newspapers: “fiber,” the newsprint model that lands in your yard or tube, or can be purchased at a store or news box, and “cyber,” the electronic version found via computer on tops of desks and in mobile devices.


Tickets for the second annual FAB (For. About. By.) Women’s Conference go on sale Monday, online, from our website. It will be Sept. 26-27 at Sheridan College, a presenting sponsor of the event as well. There will be seminars, educational sessions and the celebration of extraordinary local women at the annual Woman of the Year banquet, also at SC. Tickets start at $30. First Interstate Bank is also one of the sponsors.

More info: Kristen Czaban, managing editor of The Sheridan Press, 672-2431, or from thesheridanpress.com.


Winning Correction

“An earlier version of this article incorrectly described the imagery from ‘The Shining.’ The gentleman seen with the weird guy in the bear suit is wearing a tuxedo, but not a top hat.”

— The New York Times


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