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Re: Build hotels, not tunnels

Gil-Ad, Naftali, and Eyal, by a considerable stretch, could be blamed for the rocket attacks by Hamas on Israel. After all, they had the gall to be captured by Hamas tunnel rats who emerged from the ground in Israel, grabbed the boys, dragged them into Gaza, then brutally tortured and murdered them to the tune of much celebration by the Palestinians. The kidnappers were hailed as heroes and treated as such. Not surprisingly, some Israeli citizens retaliated in kind, but were tracked down and arrested. That was not enough for Hamas which used the incident, manufactured and manipulated as it were, to begin the rocket attacks.

Gaza is a long narrow strip that boasts along its entire length, beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. There is a perfect opportunity for this “country” to build resort hotels and capitalize on this feature as a way to make Gazans a self-reliant people.

Instead, they have allowed Hamas to distribute food and medicine paid for by U.S. aid payments supplemented by probably billions more poured in by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to keep them subservient to Hamas for their sustenance. Instead of building business and trade, most Gazans work for Hamas digging tunnels and stock piling smuggled rockets.

An article in the International Jerusalem Post: ‘Obama’s Mideast; An Autopsy’, says it all: “Five years after its much heralded presentation, the U.S. president’s Middle East vision comes into focus in all its ignorance. Arrogance and naiveté.”

Little known and less reported by mainstream press that tends to blame Jews for “stealing” land is the fact that every square foot of the area has retained legal description and title for hundreds of years. “Palestinians” are for the most part, descendants of Arab tenant farmers whose landlords, wealthy, but absent Arabs living elsewhere, legally sold all the land that the Jews now occupy.

The Jews magnanimously gave back some of that land so the Gazans would not be refugees and are now being rewarded for their generosity with a rain of deadly rockets. My question: Why does our president and our press not report the real facts? I suspect wealthy Arab influence and oil has a lot to do with the answer.


Mike Kuzara


By |July 31st, 2014|

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