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Re: City’s chief of staff


Amazing; The Sheridan Press’ articles on the “new” chief of staff position in Friday’s and Saturday’s editions of the paper came at a surprise. Saturday morning’s edition article is correct.

The title of chief of staff is a name only change for city administrator. Although the residents of Sheridan clearly defeated at the ballot box in 2008 any change in the town’s government to a city administrator managed government, it now turns out that sometime this year Mayor Kinskey and the town council began plotting, without public knowledge, to force a town administrator on us anyway.

Surprising the residents of Sheridan with such an announcement is not the right way to conduct town business by the mayor or council. What I don’t understand is where are the funds coming from to fund a “chief of staff” position? For the past several years, we’ve been told that budgets have gotten leaner and cuts needed to be made to the town’s budget.  For instance, our town employees have not had a cost of living raise in the past four years (they did get a nominal raise of less than a dollar an hour this spring), our mayor/council continue to bicker over the firefighters contract this spring, and the mayor/council disbanded our emergency medical staff/ambulances a couple of years ago.

Yet, the mayor and council, without public knowledge or public discussion, create a new position of chief of staff at a salary range between $105,000 to $161,000 annually, with Adriaens’ current salary set at $137,427.10 annually. This is a despicable and shameful act on the part of your mayor and council. They may think that we, as a community, can get by on paying our emergency services personnel only a nominal salary, but wait until your house is burning down or you need local law enforcement to protect you and your family late one night when someone is trying to break into your home. You are going to want highly trained and committed personnel to respond to your emergency.

A city administrator does nothing to guarantee our safety during such traumatic episodes. As a community, let’s convince our town council to focus on using our tax money on what will truly serve us and our community; not another exorbitantly paid public employee.

As a side note, perhaps the Sheridan Press could better exercise the U.S. Constitution’s first amendment by covering town council meetings and provide us with summaries of those meetings in the paper. Only a well-informed public can/will provide a check on any governing body’s lavishness exercise of power.


George Walker



Editor’s note: Sheridan Press reporters attend city council meetings and report on the governing body’s actions. The Press also publishes legal notices with meeting minutes on a regular basis.

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