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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Planning Commission voted to recommend approval to City Council for two minor subdivisions at its meeting Monday.

The Cloud Peak Ranch 18th filing minor subdivision will allow System Land, LLC, to subdivide 10.9 acres of land immediately west of the Sheridan Links planned unit development on Mydland Road into one 8.01-acre lot and one 2.78-acre lot.

The purpose of the proposed subdivision is so that System Land can sell the land to the developers of Sheridan Links, city Project Manager Joe Schoen said.

City staff contacted developers of Sheridan Links, the future owners of the property, to inquire as to its proposed usage following concerns expressed by one nearby neighbor as to how the land would be used since it is zoned R-3 residential, which allows multi-story development.

It was stated that the purpose of purchasing the property is to preserve the view of the Bighorn Mountains for the Old Course Way estate lots in the Sheridan Links PUD.

In addition buyers wanted to ensure that any development adjacent to Sheridan Links is consistent with the goals and design of the PUD, Schoen said.

Resident Thurmond Briggs said he was glad the current developer wanted to preserve the view but that he and other neighbors were concerned for what could happen in the future if the development changed hands since the land would still be zoned R-3.

Commissioners Monty Webb and Jason Szewc said they would note the concern for the record but also noted that the commission could not address the current zoning of the land in the request for a minor subdivision. Webb asked that the staff request for a sidewalk to be installed along the north side of Bruce Mountain Drive after development of lot 2 of the subdivision be upheld.

The second minor subdivision recommended for approval was near the intersection of Coffeen Avenue and Brundage Lane behind the Shoppes at Coffeen Mall. If approved, a one-acre tract will be divided into three lots of approximately 6,900 square feet, 4,300 square feet and 32,000 square feet.

The property is currently nonconforming with two residential dwellings and a commercial structure in a B-1 business zone. A staff memo by City Planning and Development Director Robert Briggs said that dividing the land will bring it into greater compliance with zoning regulations. The subdivision will also allow the owners to expand the existing commercial structure.

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