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That big gasp of air heard Monday morning — whewwwww! A dose of relief. It sure seemed quiet around downtown among the early morning coffee drinkers.

Rodeo Week is over for another year.

Another successful rodeo and related events — parade, powwow, street dance and everything in between — is in the books. Many have pronounced it: “Best ever.”

One word to sum it up: Wow!




Some parade thoughts:

• The Indians who participated either on horseback, on floats or walking lend authenticity and much color and charisma to the event. Many people where we were standing alongside applauded them and deservedly so.

• Virtually all of the floats were attractive and memorable. It’s easy to imagine the hard work and commitment that went into each entry.

• I wish more people would doff their caps and put a hand over a heart (or salute) when the U.S. colors come by.

• Jerry Foster’s (free!) hot dogs and brats at Wyoming Wireless before and after the parade always hit the spot.

• Realizing politicians do this as part of their rituals for elections — be in community parades — but it was nonetheless good to see Wyoming’s governor, Matt Mead, and the state’s First Lady Carol Mead, in the parade.

• The Sheridan Press had a float. Tip of the NewsBoy! hat to our crew: Phil Ashley, Lisa Marosok, Sheree Cossel, Tami, Yvonne Cossel, Janea LaMeres, Becky Martini, Nicole Scofield.

• The Most Clever Award: Mark Kinner, president of First Interstate Bank. He strolled the two-mile parade route as Mister Moneybags, looking like the banker from the Monopoly game with a top hat, tuxedo and a bag full of money marked with a big dollar sign.




Two overheard comments from rodeo week visitors (bless them!):

• Why don’t they move Devil’s Tower closer to the interstate? (Sounds like something Congress could handle.)

• If you don’t buy it, you’ll be stupid. (Two shoppers in a downtown store. And no one wants to be stupid.)





The New Vaudevillians. The next show will be Wednesday night, July 16, at the WYO Theater at 7:30 p.m.

All local talent. Music. Singing. Dancing. A sing-a-long or two. A glum magician. Poetry. Storytelling. Jokes. It’s an appealing 90 minutes of smiling and laughter inside the new Mars Theater.

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