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SHERIDAN — They’ve won two bed races in a row in two different borrowed beds, and they’re already talking about going for a three-peat.

The question is, will Kane Cattle Co. build their own bed for the 2015 Beds Along the Bighorns race, or will they find another trusty berth to pilfer and propel down Main Street for the win?

This year Kane Cattle Co. runners Colin Eisenman, Nate Kane, Dakota Larner and Nathan Berg and riders Brittany Anderson and Madeline Kobold pulled a switcheroo, perhaps proving it is the team and not the bed that wins the race.

Last year, the team borrowed the Bob’s Super Clean bed — a low-riding, bright orange metal frame with sleek road tires — and won the race as newbies, taking down then two-year champions NX Bar Ranch.  This year, Kane Cattle Co. borrowed the NX Bar Ranch bed — a lightweight aluminum frame mounted high on mountain bike tires — and pulled out the win against the Bob’s Super Clean bed.

Kane Cattle Co. team captain Nate Kane said it’s all about timing.

“You just got to be together and in time with your pedaling,” Kane said. “You got to be in time with it so everyone’s on the same page.”

The beds come in different styles of frames mounted on bike tires with bike handles to steer. The four runners plant their inside leg on a pedal or peg attached to the frame and use their outside leg to push the bed, skateboard-style. One of the two riders steers, while the other rider cheers on the team.

Teams are co-ed and this year represented a variety of organizations including the Recreation District lifeguards, Sheridan County School District 2, Kane Cattle Co., Bob’s Super Clean and K-Life. The Incredibles showed up, too, with Edna Mode steering the bed.

The reigning Kane Cattle Co. team only practiced once to see if the bed would hold up. Otherwise, it was just a matter of one person saying the word and the team taking off in rhythm, pushing as hard and fast as possible.

The word?


But the American flags tied around their necks like capes might have helped, too.

“It’s just good, clean fun,” Kane said.

Once the beds were put to rest, the Sheridan WYO Rodeo parade began. But the beds will be back, as they have for more than 25 years previous, and the win is up for grabs in 2015 for another caped, pajama’d or Incredible’d team to get a little WYO’d.





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