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City Council member Jesus Rios stopped by Thursday morning and complained about Wednesday’s editorial, calling it a “hit piece.” (Given my dotage, I hope I didn’t misunderstand his verbal judgement.)

The opinion was a handicapping of council members who would be considered for the top spot in the city. The election, held among themselves, was yesterday. John Heath won and is the new mayor of Sheridan.

There had been lively discussion around Sheridan about who would replace former Mayor Dave Kinskey, the new state senator from this area, succeeding Sen. John Schiffer who died last month. Managing editor Kristen Czaban wrote the piece; I read it and said OK.

To save the hassle of retrieving the Wednesday edition from the recycle box, or resurrecting it online, here’s what the Press opined about Rios:


“Jesus Rios, a newbie on the council, currently works as the COO of Ptolemy Data Systems. He’s been active in politics, but some have questioned his motives from the start — with the city’s eyes on developing the North Main neighborhood, he could (along with the rest of us) benefit from its growth.”


Rios said the editorial wasn’t a “fair assessment” of council members. Furthermore, the other councilors disliked the editorial as well, he said.

“I’m new to public life,” he explained, but added he didn’t like the term “newbie” because he has lived in Sheridan since 2001 and first ran for council in 2004. Rios was appointed to the council 12 weeks ago to succeed Levi Dominguez, who resigned for employment in local law enforcement. (Disclosure note: The Sheridan Press is a client of PDS for information management and Web hosting services.)

Rios elaborated about how he had been the student body president of Buffalo High School where he graduated in 1995 and that he was also student body president at the University of Wyoming. He cited his service in the National Guard.

“I have zero interest in being mayor.”




“Longmire” fans will note a local logo in a forthcoming episode. The popular television program, the A&E network’s top-rated show, will feature C&K Construction headwear in the July 21 episode. There will be a scene where ranchers and farmers convene. C&K Construction is Sheridan’s oldest implement dealer with Massey and Hesston product lines. Brad Walden is the owner since January 2012. The company was founded by Mark and Elizabeth Koltiska in 1988. C&K Construction employs 16 people. “Longmire” often features local items to lend authenticity; King Ropes hats are one example.

“We’re the leading agricultural machinery dealer in Sheridan, Johnson and Absaroka counties,” Brad said Thursday morning. Absaroka County is the fictional county where this Wyoming-themed show is based via Craig Johnson’s popular “Longmire” mystery novels. Johnson lives in Ucross. The TV show is on Monday nights at 8 p.m. The Buffalo Chamber of Commerce will hosts its annual “Longmire Days” celebration July 18-20 with the show’s cast members attending several community events and hanging out with citizens.

Walden explained that the head of costume design contacted him regarding the C&K Construction hats. C&K signed a release from Warner Brothers for the logo’s use in production. The show is filmed near Santa Fe.

“We’re all pretty excited to see it,” he said.

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