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This week marked my sixth anniversary as an employee at The Sheridan Press.

If you would have told me six years ago that this day would ever come, I likely would have laughed and shrugged it off. After all, I had big plans (don’t most 22 year olds?). I intended to travel the world with notebook in hand and cover war-ravaged countries, the crises facing humanity and the people and places of which most have never heard. I was going to conquer the world.

Yet, here I am.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t still occasionally dream of trotting around the globe. But those days have become fewer and further between as I continue to establish my happiness here.

I started looking through some old Facebook photos from my first year or two here earlier this week, you know, to reminisce.

I was thrown into the Sheridan community from the start, and as I’ve recounted before, I covered the Sheridan WYO Rodeo within days of my arrival.

But many other events have marked my six years in Sheridan as well.

When I first started looking for a place to live in Sheridan, it was at the peak of the natural gas boom and rent was ridiculously expensive — and that’s coming from a girl who was moving west from Chicago. But, I found a roommate on Craigslist and she became one of my best friends. She introduced me to other people our age and kept me from being a hermit because I didn’t know anybody.

My Facebook page is littered with photos of her and I out having adventures and of other friends I met in those first few years. Some have moved away, nearly all have gotten married and/or had children, but they introduced me to the West and are the primary reason I have stayed.

Other photos show my first trip to Thermopolis via motorcycle, the first time I cut down a Christmas tree outside of a farm (anyone remember Midwestern Christmas tree farms?), photos of when I moved into my house with my husband, weddings, birthdays, baby showers and hikes. I could not have asked for better memories in my six years here.

There is still plenty to do on my Wyoming bucket list, but it sure is crazy to think of everything I’ve already crossed off in the last six years.


Kristen Czaban is managing editor of The Sheridan Press.

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Kristen Czaban joined The Sheridan Press staff in 2008 and covered beats including local government, cops and courts and the energy industry. In 2012, she was promoted and now serves as the managing editor for The Press. Czaban has a journalism degree from Northwestern University.