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Pay off mortgage; accountability


Re: SCSD1 rec

center proposal

I have been a citizen of the Tongue River Valley for 31 years. I received my college education in recreation leadership, and therapeutic recreation from Central Michigan University in 1982.  I am very proud to be one of the original founders of the very successful TRVCC, and have donated all of my services over the last 14 years, and continue to volunteer.  My education brought me multitudes of knowledge and expertise, as to know what it takes to design, build and run a community center.

The Sheridan County School District 1 Recreation District was established about 13 years ago by an optional mil levy for the purpose of providing public recreation activities evenly for Big Horn and Tongue River communities.

Each homeowner is taxed approximately $15 per year, which generates approximately $82,000 per year for their total operating budget. It is governed by a volunteer board of trustees, appointed by our school board.

The SCSD1 Recreation Board exists one year at a time and must be re-established each year by the school board. For the last two years, it appears that it has been controlled by our superintendent and business manager and they need to be held accountable for their actions.

Behind closed doors and without public knowledge or input, they had numerous conversations and prodding to plan, reorganize and create their vision, and convinced SCSD1 RD to purchase the property, that wasn’t zoned properly. The reason they did this was to secure the property to continue receiving $450,000 per year in tuition revenue (ADM funding) from kids that live in District 2 and attend District 1 schools. We were told that all funds spent on this project would come from insurance proceeds or donations received. There have only been taxpayer funds expended to promote this mistake.

The proposed location has already been denied by the planning commission, and the county commissioners.

They should quit wasting and spending more of our tax money on consultants ($15,000) architects (unknown expense), and land payment ($20,486.99), etc. Pay off the mortgage with existing insurance funds, distribute the remainder equally for recreation programming between Big Horn and Tongue River.                        The mil levy funds are not allocated to build a community center, day care facility, culinary school etc. for District 2 students that attend District 1. Please attend the planning commissioners meeting on Wednesday  July 2nd at 5:30 to oppose this CUP application.


Laurie E. Morris



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