6th street field renovation postponed; ice cream stand prices up 25 cents

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SHERIDAN — Prices at Kendrick Ice Cream Stand will go up 25 cents across the board this year, due to simple increases in the cost of doing business.

Sheridan Recreation District Business Manager Richard Bridger reported to the board of trustees at their regular meeting Wednesday that a 25 cent increase made sense in terms of keeping things like change counting simple for high-school-aged workers. The simpler rounded prices also help with line expediency.
Bridger cited supplier ice cream costs as the key reason for planned increases this summer.

“Everything goes up; it’s the cost of doing business,” he told the board Wednesday. “These prices are still low and still a bargain.”

For example, a single scoop cone or cup went up from $1.50 to $1.75, and a double scoop cone or cup from $1.75 to $2.

The stand opens May 18.

Director Richard Wright told the board that they have scrapped the plan to renovate the Intermediate field at 6th street due to poor weather conditions pushing the project’s start time back too far. Instead, the project will begin after baseball season is over.

Approved at the board’s October 2012 meeting, the infield surface renovation project carried a cost of $17,500, and will be paid for with a combination of Optional One-Cent funds and a donation from the Oatts family — money which Wright said has already been received.

“Getting into irrigation and tearing up fences, we just didn’t want to risk having it torn up when practice was supposed to start,” he explained.

Webb Wright baseball sign-ups for summer 2013 opened April 1, and the District is offering an online registration option for the first time this year.

Bridger said that they had raised $1,355 to date through online registration, and the process “seems fairly seamless so far,” with few phone calls or problems.

Nick Dore, who runs SRD youth sports, encouraged anyone who hasn’t signed up yet for Webb Wright baseball to do so, as there are plenty of spots still available. Sign-ups close Monday.

Sponsors at Webb Wright baseball will get banners hung up at 6th street fields this year. Dore organized the new sponsorship effort with Kennon Signs, as he told the board Wednesday.

“The downside is we have to pay for the banners, but then we’ll have them every year after that,” Bridger chimed in.
The banners are expected to have about a 4-year lifetime.

A softball managers meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. April 24 at Sheridan Junior High School.
Finally, the board discussed its preparation for the upcoming annual budget presentation in front of city officials.

Wright stated that he usually focuses on the District’s biggest budget items, namely Kendrick Pool.
The SRD plans to meet with the City of Sheridan May 10.

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