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A recent article by Parker Jackson dealt with the disservice the Wyoming legislature did to the citizens of Wyoming by passing SF104. That bill stripped the elected superintendent of public instruction of her duties. Legislators did this without much consideration for what she had actually done to improve education for the children of Wyoming. Maybe some didn’t even look at the report.

Further, the legislators showed little if any concern for the cost of such action to the taxpayers of Wyoming. We are now paying the superintendent, involved in a law suit, searching nationwide for a director of education, and going to pay that person a salary no doubt higher than the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction.

All the while the legislators talk about the need to make some future cutbacks.

As Jackson said, we need to pay attention to how our elected representatives vote on measures and show our displeasure by voting them out and new ones in.

Neither party has a monopoly on intelligence or concern for the citizens of Wyoming.

Betty McKinley



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