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From the This-Sounds-Like-An-Ad, file…..

Tomorrow, Jimmy Legerski celebrates almost a year in business with a Customer Appreciation Open House at Legerski Sausage Co. It’s certainly a home-grown, family-owned, Sheridan-driven small business with a growing fan base amidst its award-winning food.

He’ll have free sausage sliders beginning at 3 p.m. There will be prize giveaways, discounts and all the other festive atmospherics that comes with celebrating success and a good product.

It’s located at 1617 N. Main. (Look for the crowd.)




Seldom does the Notebook dip its toe into the national political waters, choosing instead to write about Sheridan and keeping it light. (If you read this before going to bed, it’s designed so you’ll have nothing on your mind.)

That said, seldom have I — or others with whom I’ve talked with — received a notice from the IRS that says, mostly: “Take your time with your financial reporting. Send it in when you can.” In the best tradition of having one’s dog eat their homework, it’s hard to swallow how Congress asked IRS for Lois Lerner’s emails more than a year ago and then be told how the computer crashed and the emails were “lost.” Quoting my children: Really? Most recently, she alleged targeted Sen. Charley Grassley of Iowa for an audit. When confronted by Congress, she took the Fifth Amendment.

It’s part of a pattern.

The NSA collects data from citizens unbeknownst to them and when confronted, they fess up, sort of. Reporters from The Associated Press covering the Obama administration have had their cell phones tapped. Their conversations are recorded. And it’s not the big stories, either.

With Benghazi, it’s a wearisome tale, often rehearsed from both sides, but still important.

An American outpost, virtually undefended, was attacked by armed and organized al Qaida-associated militants on the anniversary of 9/11. Four Americans were killed, including its Libyan ambassador. It happened eight weeks before the 2012 election. From the jump, the White House has spun this story with a variety of fiction. Did the White House deliberately mislead? Why was there no military response? Who is responsible? It’s enough to make you not want to pay taxes.




Some coffee shop talkers — married men — were discussing a magazine article: “Revitalizing Your Love Life!” One participant told his wife after reading it, “I am going to make you the happiest woman in the world.”

All of the others in the coffee klatch said, in unison: “What did she say?”

“I’m going to miss you.”






“Being happy never goes out of style.”


— Lilly Pulitzer, American fashion designer, 1931-2013

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