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SHERIDAN — Deputies with the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office say a fraudulent caller has been contacting Sheridan residents claiming to be associated with local law enforcement. In reality, the caller is attempting to commit phone fraud.

While several instances of similar scams were reported a few months ago, the newest report to the sheriff’s office is that the caller claims to be from the Sheridan County Detention Center and attempted to get the citizen to purchase phone cards at an alternate number.

In this case, the would-be victim recognized the call for the scam it was, and reported the call to law enforcement.

SCSO Deputy Ryan Kerns said the phone number the solicitor called from is 186-651-6011.

The number is believed to belong to a location in Siberia.

The most current scam is a spin-off of a host of nationally known phone fraud scams that generally target elderly people who may be susceptible to the deception.

Other versions of similar scams inform a person they have won a large prize, a lottery or an inheritance, but insist on first collecting processing fees.

Once money is wired to a scammer, it is nearly impossible to recover.

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