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Starbucks announced this week the company will pick up the tab for online degree programs for its baristas and staff. Said one wiseacre pundit: “When they graduate with honors, they’ll be recognized as “Summa Cum Latte.”


We’re putting the final touches on the 2014 Sheridan WYO Rodeo magazine. It’s part of the Press’ Destination Sheridan magazine series. Nicole Scofield is the magazine’s art director and it’s a winner of a publication, the largest magazine we’ve published.

Nicole and Phil Ashley, the Press’ marketing director, have been working with Zane Garstad, president of the Sheridan WYO Rodeo and Vicki Kane, secretary/advertising. The Press’ managing editor, Kristen Czaban, and our news team is providing content — news stories, features, photos, schedules, 2013 champions list, event history and for the first time, a clever event guide/breakdown to help the spectator understand the judges’ decisions. In all, more than 120 full-color glossy magazine pages.

It’ll be published first with Press subscribers July 3, then throughout Sheridan after that in racks, restaurants, visitor centers, bars — more than 124 locations in all.

The rodeo is July 5 to July 13 and it’s Sheridan’s premier summer event.


Recommended reading…..

“American Spring” is about the first six months of 1775 and how the American Revolution reached consequential traction with ideals and events. Historian Walter Borneman engages the reader with chronological clarity, detailing further the touchstones like the Lexington and Concord battles and how American colonists were ready to break with the crown primarily over taxes without any voice in Parliament, which was an ocean and six weeks away by ship. The ongoing arrogance of King George III and his minions, the forced housing of British troops, too, played a pivotal role in the revolution as well, though loyalists remained in good number even after the shooting started. He also provides a deeper profile of the primary characters — British Gen. Thomas Gage, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and his cousin, John Adams, and how Ben Franklin’s newly renovated postal service — with its efficient and dependable delivery — was a key component in communications. Too often, history about the events and the battles of the Revolutionary War are musty with time. Borneman, using a popular vernacular, writes in a “real time” sense, explaining the beginnings of this nation.

It’s available from Sheridan’s downtown bookstore, Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery.



“I wouldn’t want to do it again. But it was the part of the experience of my life. Life is sort of an adventure. Sometimes, the adventure gets out of hand.”

— Cmdr. Robert J. Flynn, U.S. Navy (Ret.), who spent five years in a Communist Chinese prison during the Vietnam War, after being shot down, Aug 21, 1967. Flynn died May 15



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