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SHERIDAN — Work on the Sheridan Land Use Plan continues, and now is the time for the public to give input on what they would like to see — and not see — in Sheridan as the city progresses into the future.

A survey was recently sent to 210 residents to make an initial determination of what residents of Sheridan think is a priority as far as land use and development. The survey was mailed to a random sample using utility bill information.

Orion Planning Group consultant Joanne Garnett said the response rate is currently at 42 percent, which is statistically valid, but if a 50 percent response rate can be reached, the sample will be considered truly representative of the city. Garnett encouraged anyone who has received a survey to respond as soon as possible.

A second survey will be sent later this summer to 1,000 residents to evaluate what residents think is acceptable as far as land use policies and goals.

“This will be an indication of what will be feasible and likely to fly with citizens,” Garnett said.

The land use committee will also have a booth at Third Thursday street festivals this summer to interact with the public and find out what people like about Sheridan and what they don’t want to see happen or develop in Sheridan.

Garnett also updated the commission on a policy assessment of 11 plans Sheridan uses regarding land use and planning development. She said the plans were generally harmonious in their goals and policies. The policy assessment was used to determine how well Sheridan is implementing the goals and policies in its various policy documents.

Planning and Development Director Robert Briggs also told the commission that county assessor information was used to create a map that shows actual existing land uses in Sheridan that can be compared with Sheridan’s zoning map to see if zoning matches actual uses.

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