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SHERIDAN — The Best Western Sheridan Center has hired Skylight Solutions out of Dallas, Texas, to replace the acrylic panes in the skylight bridge that crosses Main Street between Second and Third streets.

The replacement project, described as an insurance job by company representatives, will begin Tuesday. It is expected to last seven to 10 days.

One or two lanes of Main Street will be closed while crews are working on replacing the skylights. Robert Goegel, of Skylight Solutions, said the crew will try to close no more than one lane; however, if two are closed, it will be the middle two lanes to prevent too much interruption in traffic flow.

“All those acrylic panels are 30-plus years old and cracking,” Goegel said. “We will remove them all from one end to the other and replace them with new ones.”

Skylight Solutions has hired Keyhole Construction to assist with the project. The skylight bridge was originally assessed in October 2013, but it was decided to delay the project until this spring.

For more information, call Goegel at 214-577-1553.

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