SCSD2 awards contracts, agreements for roof and locker room projects

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SHERIDAN — It was strictly business at a special session of the Sheridan County School District 2 Board of Trustees Tuesday morning as contracts and policies were discussed and bids were awarded.

After separate recommendations made by Facilities Director Julie Carroll, the board awarded two contracts — one construction project and one Construction Manager at Risk service agreement — to GH Phipps Construction Companies’ Wyoming division.

The company earned the contract for the Early Building roof replacement after being the only one to submit a bid.

Though several people were interested in the project in the beginning, the complexity of the repairs appear to have deterred companies from entering the official bidding process.

Though no comparative offers were made, the bid was within the range of what the district’s engineers estimated the repairs would cost.

The contract was awarded at the bid price of $1.208 million. Part of that expense will be covered by insurance, and some or all of the remaining costs could be covered by emergency funds requested from the Wyoming School Facilities Department.

Carroll stated that some money was expended out of the major maintenance funds account to get the process started but could potentially be refunded once the emergency funds are determined.

The WSFD asked to see official bids and insurance quotes before committing emergency funds to the project.

The extent of the damage, the final cost and the portion which the insurance will cover will not be known until GH Phipps Construction crew can begin tearing off the current roof. A contingency buffer was included in the bid, and $1.208 million is the maximum the company may charge.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the start of the fall school session, but Carroll said it will not disrupt or delay school if it falls behind schedule.

Phipps also earned the CMAR contract for the Sheridan High School locker room renovations projects.

For the service agreement, three companies made offers and were interviewed by the Capital Construction Committee, which included O’Dell Construction and KWN Construction.

Trustee Jim Perkins expressed concern during the meeting over approving the recommended selection without being offered any official numbers to review. Carroll said until work begins to determine the scope of the project — including how many phases and how much time the project will require — there is no set cost.

She added that the pre-construction services cost would be approximately $10,000 and that all three companies were within that range.

Certified and classified salary and benefit packages for the 2014-2015 school year were reviewed in executive session and unanimously approved upon returning to open session.

A base increase of $500 was added to certified salaries bringing base pay to $45,600.

A base increase of 10 cents was added to all classified salary schedules.

Medical insurance premiums saw no increase because the district will absorb the 0.11 percent increase to the dental plan, and the Wyoming Retirement contribution rate increase of 1.25 percent will be split between district and employee contributions with the employee taking on a 0.375 percent increase.

The one year waiting period for new classified staff members to enter the sick leave bank was eliminated and both certified and classified employees may now make sick leave donations into the bank upon retirement.

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