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SCSD2 ignores open

government statutes

ER: Lawsuit, Press vs school district

A transparent and open governing body is a basic requirement for any local government.  Sheridan School District 2’s board does not meet this requirement nor does it appear they feel there is any need to follow the laws for open government. Being an open and engaging government entity is neither expensive nor time-consuming. Being secretive and hiding information is. Hiring an out-of-town attorney to twist arms or sending people for open records requests to an attorney does not support the concept of an open government.

Yes, the school board is a volunteer position and we do have a good school system, but these things do not preclude the requirement to comply with Wyoming’s very basic open meetings and right-to-information laws. I support the Sheridan Press lawsuit.


Richard Shackelford



Public employees provide essential services daily

Re: Public Service Recognition Week

Across the country and in communities and cities in Wyoming, government employees serve and protect our nation daily. During Public Service Recognition Week (May 4-10), we gratefully acknowledge their service.

Federal employees care for our veterans and work side by side with our military to defend our country. They conduct cutting-edge research to improve public health and regulate safety of our foods and medicines. The air traffic controllers at a number of Wyoming communities ensure the safety of thousands of passengers every year. USDA employers help farmers and ranchers; the SBA assists many small businesses in Wyoming. These are critical services.

We may not realize what all America’s public servants do for us on a daily basis. Let’s not take for granted the services they provide. During Public Service Week and throughout the year, let’s say “thank you” to the public employees in your community.



Edward E. Chase

President National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association Wyoming State Federation of Chapters


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