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SHERIDAN — Sheridan Storm Soccer Club coach Coree Kelly said he jumped between an opposing team’s coach and one of Sheridan’s assistant coaches when he was punched in Cody over the weekend.

The Storm team was participating in the annual Cody Shootout when the incident occurred.

Kelly said the girls soccer team was playing against Heart Mountain soccer club with one minute to go until halftime and were ahead 1-0.

A yellow card was given when a Storm player bumped into a Heart Mountain player trying to get the ball, prompting an outcry from Sheridan’s assistant coach Joe Tenny.

“Soccer is a physical game!” he said.

Kelly said that right away, Heart Mountain head coach Shane Kannard went berserk screaming at Tenny. Kannard started walking toward Sheridan’s bench continuously screaming at Tenny. Officials jumped in and constrained Kannard, telling him to go back to his bench.

Kannard started going back toward his bench, but circled around the officials headed full force toward Tenny.

Kelly said he then jumped up from the bench to get between Tenny and Kannard, when Kannard took a swing at the coach. Kannard hit Kelly on the side of the face and then in the nose.

Officials again restrained Kannard and called the police. Officials canceled the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“It’s pretty sad to have coaches do something like this,” Kelly said. “We are suppose to be setting an example for the youth.”

Kannard has been cited with simple battery.

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