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My husband and I have a lot of trees at our house. Up until last October we had three apple trees, two plum trees, a buckeye, a couple choke cherries and what I think is an ash.

I say up until last October because we are now down one apple tree. That early season snowstorm that knocked out power, broke a lot of branches and caused general havoc, also toppled a portion of the apple tree next to our driveway.

I won’t miss the apples falling and smashing on our gravel driveway. It made a mess and attracted a lot of bees. But, I will miss the apples it provided for things like pie, applesauce and apple butter. It provided many of the apples used to create the jams and butters we gave out as favors at our wedding and continue to hand out as gifts.

As summer nears and trees begin putting on leaves, though, my husband and I have missed the shade the tree provided for our house. The space where the apple tree once stood just felt empty.

Last weekend we began the process to remedy that empty feeling.

We shopped around and did the research on what kind of tree we would purchase, then went to pick it up from Landon’s Greenhouse and Nursery. We both have friends that work there and trust their knowledge on all things flowery and growing.

We chose a spring snow crab apple. Our friends told us it would have gorgeous flowers, but wouldn’t produce fruit to fall and splatter on our driveway. The tree we brought home wasn’t a monster, under 10 feet tall and only a few years old. We were hesitant to drop a lot of cash on a bigger tree just in case it didn’t make it through a Wyoming winter. We don’t trust our own greenthumbs. Plus, we figured, the smaller the tree we bought the smaller the hole we would have to dig to put it in place.

But, once the hole was dug, the compost added and the stakes and deer fence were put up, I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud and excited for our little tree.

It is just starting its life and we’ll get to see it grow and bloom for years to come.

By pure coincidence, this week many people celebrated Earth Day. Sheridan’s celebration is set for today down near the pathway that connects Rehabilitation Enterprises of North Eastern Wyoming to South Park. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and includes educational booths, live music, nature walks, food, children’s activities and — you guessed it — a tree planting.

Spring is a time of new life and renewal. Whether you’re itching for a sun tan or simply ready to put away your snow boots, it seems most all of us get a little touch of spring fever this time of year.

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