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Keep unpaved roads available

Re: Sheridan Municipal Cemetery


Recently I was working on some of my family’s genealogy/family lineage.

While at the cemetery, I was fortunate enough to speak to one of the workers. He assisted me in locating several grave sites. He casually mentioned that plans for the cemetery include closing down the smaller, unpaved roads. What a shame that will be for those of us who place flowers on grave sites each year and know the “route” we need to use. I am sure that others will feel the same way I do, and wish to voice their concerns over another “good thing going bad” in our No. 1 small town America.

Why hasn’t this been brought to the public attention before now? Why do we have to wait until things are sewed up before people have a say and then there is no turning back? This town has come such a long way in maintaining and improving our community and those efforts are appreciated.

However, because this has been a retirement community there are many older people who would still like to visit the sites of their loved ones, and are not able to walk long distances. A total injustice to those of us who have loved ones buried in Sheridan’s Municipal Cemetery.

On the other hand, I would like to applaud those who have worked so very hard to keep the cemetery beautiful. I know it’s hard work, but my hat goes off to those dedicated individuals for a job very well done. Thank you.


Sandy Prunty


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