Efforts to enhance the sustainability and functionality of mountain campus are in motion

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SHERIDAN — Sheridan College welding students are currently working in-class to create specialized brackets that will aid in the replacement of old logs on several Spear-O-Wigwam Mountain Campus structures.

“For those interested in the art of log home building, this is a dream,” SC construction technology instructor Josh Michelena said. “Our students have the opportunity to learn from some of the best log-home builders in the region. Many of the community members volunteering to help during the summer season were instrumental in building the original structures. Our students are involved in every aspect of fixing and enhancing these remarkable structures, and we are looking forward to getting up there again.”

Sheridan College students and community volunteers play an important role in maintenance, restoration and improvements to Spear-O-Wigwam Mountain Campus, located in the Bighorn Mountains. Internships, in-class projects and community volunteers help the mountain campus exhibit its historic tradition.

“The purpose of our Mountain Campus is to enhance existing academic programming as well as provide new opportunities for students and the community,” said Trudy Munsick, dean of health sciences and outdoor education. “In order for us to realize the true benefit of this outdoor learning environment, we rely heavily on our volunteers. We realize an estimated value of almost $50,000 in volunteer time, and it makes all the difference.”

Last season, students and volunteers, working with the U.S. Forest Service, prepared several logs to be used during the 2014 season to replace rotted logs on the many structures. The project will continue this summer.

On-site planning, including maintenance work to bolster the campus’ drainage, will commence in the coming months. During the 2013 summer season, almost 2,800 hours of volunteer work were donated by students, staff, faculty and community members. Sheridan College construction technology students are looking forward to the fourth season full of activity at the Spear-O-Wigwam Mountain Campus. In 2013, students and faculty from the program provided more than 350 hours of service-learning, making repairs and improvements to the mountain campus’ facilities.


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