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SHERIDAN — An unmanned pickup truck rolled down a hill Tuesday morning and struck an apartment building.

No one was injured during the event, though the vehicle sustained significant damage to its front bumper and undercarriage.

Sheridan police responded to the incident at approximately 10 a.m. Sgt. Tom Henry said the unoccupied vehicle rolled approximately half a block down Colorado Street and across Big Horn Avenue before going down a steep embankment and into the corner of an apartment complex.

The vehicle was successfully pulled up the hill by a tow truck. Once on level ground, broken pieces of the front bumper were removed and the truck could still be started.

SPD Sgt. Travis Koltiska said the owner of the vehicle was cited for leaving a vehicle unattended improperly. He said that while the ordinance is rarely used, it applied in this situation because the truck did not have the parking brake engaged and the front wheels were not turned into the curb.

Koltiska said the truck was out of gear when it began rolling downhill, but said it would be nearly impossible to determine why.

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