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DAYTON — Dayton Town Council voted 3-1 to deny a request from Crazy Woman Saloon to have a live band and outdoor catering permit Friday night of Dayton Days at its meeting Wednesday.

The saloon was approved for an all-night dance with a catering permit on Saturday, July 26, at a previous meeting but had hoped to have a dance both nights of Dayton Days.

Councilman Bob Alley voted to approve the request, and councilors Joey Sheeley, Norm Anderson and Dennis Wagner voted against the request.

When the band request was denied, Crazy Woman Saloon Owner Debbie Dooley withdrew her request for a catering permit for Friday night.

The same requests for a live band and catering permit were voted down on Feb. 19 when representatives from the saloon did not show up at the meeting. However, Mayor Bob Wood said the saloon could make another request at a later date. Dooley said that having a permit for a live band for Friday and Saturday would enable her to bring in a better band at a better price. Dooley also expressed a desire to increase her revenues since revenues have been down.

“Under the circumstances, I think it worked for the best. I do understand her revenue concerns, though,” Wood said.

Wood said the primary reason the request was denied was because Friday night of Dayton Days has typically been a kids’ night with a treasure hunt and movie in the park. He said several Council members, including himself, were hesitant to establish precedent by also allowing a band and bar night on Friday of Dayton Days.

“She wasn’t very happy, but it’s kids’ night. That’s the way I felt, too,” Wood said.

As mayor, Wood does not vote unless there is a tie vote that needs to be decided.

Furthermore, Wood said there used to be a teen dance on Friday night, but eventually the teens stopped dancing and attending. When asked if they wanted a dance, most said they would rather go to the movie in the park, so the teen dance was removed from the Dayton Days agenda.

Dayton Days will be held July 25 and 26. It will include traditional events like the Cow Pie Classic one-golf-club tournament, a parade, kids’ night with a movie in the park and the high-powered water fight hosted by the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department.

In other business, Wood updated the Council on the final numbers for local government funding from the state of Wyoming.

Wood said he recently received confirmation from the Wyoming Association of Municipalities of what Dayton would receive for funding.

For fiscal years 2015-2016, which begin July 1, 2014, Dayton will receive a total of $210,900, or $105,450 per fiscal year. That is a yearly increase of $18,450 from the past biennium.

“With tax dollars being down, it helps our general fund,” Wood said. “And there’s no strings on it this time. Before we couldn’t hire any help or give raises with direct distribution funds.”

Municipalities will receive the first half of their direct distribution Aug. 15, 2014.

Wood also noted that Sheridan County will receive approximately $3.6 million in county consensus funds for the biennium.

Those funds still need to be divided between Sheridan, Dayton, Ranchester and Sheridan County based on needed capital projects. Wood said Dayton is hoping to use consensus funds to put a new handicap accessible restroom in the city park. He said the town hopes to use some of the direct distribution funds to buy a new lawn mower to replace one that is more than 16 years old.

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