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SHERIDAN — One of Ranchester’s landmark business properties has changed hands and will soon reopen as a new restaurant. The building on Dayton Street that formerly housed the Legends Grill and Steakhouse has been purchased by a local family and is being remodeled to become “Eat Street.”

Chris and Sheena Bernard have committed their time and resources into reviving Ranchester’s dining options, and have high hopes for their new business.

The building, which includes the restaurant and kitchen on the main floor and an apartment on the upper level, is currently undergoing renovations in preparation for an opening by the end of May or sooner.

Chris Bernard has operated his own construction company, Ace Builders, since 2005 in Sheridan, and will complete the upgrade.

“When we bought the building, it came with all the chairs and equipment that went with the old restaurant,” he said. “We decided to get rid of it all and start completely new.”

Bernard said the building is being gutted. Walls will be changed around and the existing kitchen will be renovated to include a walk-in refrigerator and other modernized amenities.

“The construction part is easy for me,” Bernard said. “It’s running the restaurant that’s new territory.”

Sheena Bernard will be the primary proprietor of the new business with the help of a manager.

Bernard said in addition with bringing a new business to Ranchester, he’s hoping Eat Street can become integrated into community functions and have a far-reaching impact.

“We’re trying to make something that’s going to be a huge, viable business that serves more than just Ranchester,” Bernard said, indicating Eat Street will feature a diverse menu that serves travelers and locals just stopping by for a quick bite, but also offers choicer items for formal functions or date nights.

“It will be family, casual dining, yet will have some elegance to it,” Bernard said, adding that the menu will likely include hot sandwiches, chicken wings, home-made french fries and dinner specials, including steak or prime rib, on weekends.

In addition to full-service sit-down dining, Eat Street will bring a previously nonexistent takeout pizza service to customers.

“There are over 800 homes in the Tongue River Valley, and a lot of those people grab something from Sheridan on their way home at the end of the day,”  Bernard said. “We want to catch some of that market of the people heading home.”

Bernard also emphasized ambitions are to make Eat Street a go-to destination not just for neighbors within the Tongue River Valley, but for Sheridan diners looking for a new environment.

Bernard said he’s hoping to make the official opening of Eat Street a high-profile community event.


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