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Re: marijuana, money laundering, clueless ambassadors, ignorant culture, Obama

One hardly knows what to expect form government in Washington these days. Change is a day-to-day event. No one knows, or remembers much of anything. You would think Curly and Moe at the very least, would know “who’s on first?” Decisions are made on the “willy-nilly” principle, or the “seat of your pants” doctrine. Foreign and domestic policies are rudderless and confusing.

Two cases illustrate.

Everyone knows the “greenies” to the south (I thought this referred to their license plates) have legalized recreational marijuana. Never mind this is a “gateway drug,” leading to more serious abuse problems and appears to be a violation of federal and state statutes. The “Mile High City” has taken on a new meaning.

Article 6, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution states: “The Constitution and laws made in pursuances thereof are the “supreme law of the land” and judges and states should be bound thereby. Those states that have legalized marijuana: are they not in violation of federal law? How can this be? The answer is that we have a “pick and choose” administration and Justice Department that enforces some laws while ignoring others. What is stopping states from ignoring other federal laws – the EPA’s “War on Coal,” Common Core, the “Unaffordable Care Act,” federal tax, or anything else.

The decision by the Justice Department to allow banks to circumvent the law and accept deposits from marijuana sales is another example. Didn’t this used to be known as money laundering? Furthermore, I am surprised to find out that a Big Gulp, a Big Mac, Peter Pan peanut butter and a Twinkie pose a greater health risk than the weed. As a user himself, the chief executive should know.

Has anyone noticed the presidential appointees to the ambassadorships seem to be ignorant of culture, geography, currency, language and even the form of government of the respective countries? Their one overwhelming qualification is that they are donors to President Obama. Shouldn’t they have some experience? They couldn’t pin the tail on the Democratic donkey if they had to. This has been going on a long time, but I thought Obama was above this. No wonder other countries take a dim view of our foreign policy which can be best described as bluster, consequences, economic sanctions and drawing more red lines in the sand.

When are citizens going to stand up and declare: “I’m fed up with this and enough is enough!” In view of ignorance of our culture, government and laws, I don’t expect it anytime soon.


Lou West



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