City, county hope to meet, ‘clear the air’ on several issues

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SHERIDAN — In response to a request from the Sheridan mayor to meet with a few Sheridan County commissioners and “clear the air” on several issues, the commissioners have sent a letter to the entire City Council saying they are interested in meeting, but publicly.

“We have concluded that both bodies meeting for the purpose of discussing issues of mutual interest, identifying areas of conflict or agreement and pursuing a beneficial resolution of those matters, has the potential of serving the public interest in a significant way,” the commissioners letter stated.

The letter indicates the commissioners expect several issues would likely be discussed and may necessitate more than one meeting. Commissioner Bob Rolston said the commissioners have six talking points they’d like to touch on as well. Those include:

• the law enforcement center contract

• Sheridan police officers writing more tickets into circuit court, rather than municipal court

• the annexation of county lands but not county roads

• contributions to the juvenile justice center




• issues involving annexations and Sheridan Area Water Supply customers

• the city’s decision to no longer regularly perform VIN inspections

Rolston said the commissioners would also like to discuss the renewal of the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax.

The letter addressed to the City Council and mayor leaves the suggestion of dates and times of possible meetings to the city representatives. The letter also recommends the city prioritize the issues it would like to discuss, allowing the focus of the meetings to alternate between the city’s priorities and the county’s.

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey, who is currently in Cheyenne for the Wyoming Association of Municipalities winter meeting, said via email that it is normal for governmental entities to sit down and discuss common concerns. He referenced that would be the case with the Optional One-Cent tax that will be up for renewal.

“From time to time we sit down as other items of mutual interest arise,” Kinskey said. “Sometimes it’s done over a cup of coffee with me and one or two commissioners. Sometimes it’s both bodies in their entirety. If there is a quorum, obviously, always, with advanced notice to media and public.”

Kinskey added that his staff is working to put together an agenda of items they wish to discuss, but did not provide specifics.

“In my experience cooperation, collaboration is always at its best when there is a high degree of communication,” he said.

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