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Welcome handball competitors!

This weekend, beginning today, is the Sheridan Classic Handball Tournament at our YMCA. It’ll run through Sunday and will feature top handball athletes from Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

The Classic is the only one of its kind in Wyoming.

It was started by Willard Cook in the early 1980s, so says handball devotee and competitor, Jay Stender. The “number ones” from Colorado and Montana will be here, Jay adds. The players have diverse backgrounds: lawyers, computer engineers, a helicopter pilot, a rodeo coach and others.

In all, some 31 players with ages ranging from 20 to 65 will be involved. Another notable player, says Jay, is Dan Scilley, in the 60-year-old bracket. He is a current world champion and won in Ireland last year. He is from Luther, Mont., but plays out of Billings.


One more dose of ink for the “Stars of Tomorrow” show. It is tonight at 7 p.m. at the WYO Theater.

This show, now in its 53rd year of sponsorship by the Sheridan Kiwanis Club, showcases young local talent and likely provides ambition and confidence to perform at greater levels and to successfully deal with peers in other areas of life. It’s never easy to get in front of room full of parents, relatives, friends and friendly competitors to sing or perform. Playing “air” guitar and singing along with the radio or digital music is one thing, doing it — “live” — in front of hundreds is no easy task.

Congratulations!, to all, for this accomplishment.


Dept. of incidental info…….

• Why do we have elections on Tuesdays?

In 1845, federal law established Election Day as the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. At that time, eligible voters were landowners and rural workers. By November, the harvest was over and the weather and roads were likely to be good to travel to county seats in order to vote. In those days, voting was typically a day’s or more travel each way. Most farmers then worked Saturdays and Sundays were reserved for worship and rest. Tuesdays became the day of choice because most of the traveling was in order to get to the farmers markets that were usually held on Wednesdays. All this from www.whytuesday.org. Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford in 2001 began pushing for having elections on weekends for a greater turnout.

• Why are strikeouts in baseball referred to as K’s? In the 1800s, instead of saying a batter “struck out,” they would say he “struck.” Box scores used letters to indicate what a player did: “E” for error, as an example. Since “S” was already used for sacrifice, Henry Chadwick, the inventor of box scores in the 1880s designated the last letter of struck, the K, to represent striking out.



“Sex appeal is 50 percent of what you’ve got, and 50 percent of what people think you’ve got.”


— Sophia Loren, film actress/author



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