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Respect, courtesy missing during film

Re: children in audience


My wife and I had the opportunity to attend last Saturday night’s showing of “The Monuments Men” at the Centennial Theatre. And though the movie was very good, it was very disappointing to put up with the antics of the children in attendance.

Though it is impossible for management to police all the theaters, I don’t feel we should have to raise someone else’s kids. We’ve raised our children, and I’m glad to say, they’ve turned out fairly respectful of others. Please raise yours with some amount of respect, so they don’t end up being the kind of person that drives around our lovely city, throwing disposable trash from their vehicles littering streets and private property. Please try to teach them the meaning of the word “respect.”

As far as respect, you might explain some other courtesies as well.  Like using the words “excuse me” when they ‘tromp’ over your feet for the eighth time in the middle of the show, with no consideration for you or the other couples sitting in the aisle. I have still not understood what required four trips to the lobby. If it had been planned, they should have considered sitting at the end of the aisle, that way they could have made another 10 trips to play with their friends. I don’t see where junior high-aged students would have been interested in the show anyway. Other than it was a good gathering place for friends on a cold winter’s evening. And that’s definitely what it appeared when we tried to leave. It was nearly impossible to get to the exit for milling children, who wouldn’t even step aside to let you out.

And to the three young ladies, in the back of the theater, also about junior high age, I’m sorry we didn’t enjoy your humor, sneezing, laughing and talking through the movie. At least as much as you did. We did tend to take the movie, generally, quite serious.  Maybe because we grew up closer to that time period and still remember some of our family going off to war and not coming back. Or if they did, maybe they weren’t quite the same.  Forgive me for being that much older and not understanding.   I just remember growing up and not being able to go to the movie much, let alone running around the theater, talking during the show. But then, we weren’t quite as wealthy as the new generation and going to the theater was quite a treat, not the norm.

So parents, if your children share the facilities, frequented by many of us older, (I didn’t say ancient) adults, please teach them some common courtesies and respect. It will go a long way to bridging generation gaps.  Your parents did teach you, didn’t they?


Larry Certain




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