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CLEARMONT — The Arvada/Clearmont School suffered a water leak on Feb. 6 resulting in early dismissal for students, but luckily, very little damage.

According to Sheridan County School District 3 Superintendent Charles Auzqui, the leak happened in the kindergarten and first-grade classroom. He said the extreme cold temperatures caused a fire sprinkler head to freeze and burst.

“It burst, getting water into one of the lights, so we had to shut down the power and get the sprinklers shut down,” he said. “But the fact is it happened when we were in session and we were able to catch it very quickly and get it shut down and keep it from doing a lot of damage. If it had happened over the weekend, could have had severe damage. I would say it ended up being more of an inconvenience, but it definitely could have turned into something worse than that.”

Due to the leak and subsequent power outage, school was dismissed a couple hours early. The district is on a four-day school week, so had no classes planned for Friday, which allowed electricians and other service providers to repair and clean the minimal damage.

“Everyone reacted in a positive way and we had an opportunity to shut it down very quickly and we fixed the issues and district staff put in a fairly long weekend and we were ready for school on Monday and the kids didn’t know any different,” Auzqui said.


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